Choosing tiles for a kitchen splashback

Tile splashbacks are popular choice for kitchens as they offer a great amount of choice and are very cost effective! You can choose to have a classic understated look of a brick or herringbone arrangement, or perhaps something more chic with a colourful mosaic of glass and metallic. Needless to say, the choices are endless!

But, where to start?

Large Tiles

Large tiles are a great start for a simple, sleek, modest feel. If you want to have your appliances and accessories as a statement then this is a great way to go. Large tiles are the quickest and easiest of tiles to install, and are also the most cost effective. Opt for a pressed or cushion edge tile if it’s a DIY project – rectified edges will give you a clean cut look but requires a more experienced tiler, handyman to install.


Small tiles

Small tiles will allow you a little more scope for freedom of design. You can make a bold statement with a single colour, or choose a style that has multiple patterns with an almost mismatched feel.

Small tiles in a brick bond pattern are pretty easy to install and can also be very affordable. Care does need to be taken with preparing to make sure the tiles line up to where you want them.


Mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles offer a lot more options when it comes to being unique. Mosaics look great as a mass installation making a complete feature of your kitchen space. There is such a vast array of mediums used for mosaic tiles that you can create almost any sort of look you desire.

Mosaic tiles can be a little fiddly to install, but have been made easier as they are supplied on a mesh backing to be able to lay a sheet at a time. The cost can vary dependent whether its makeup is stone, glass, ceramic or even metal!


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